Echoes of the First Dreamer by Marty O'Donnell - Golem PrequelIf you’ve missed the news, I recently announced “Echoes of the First Dreamer“; the musical prequel to Golem. It’s not the soundtrack to the game, it’s a stand-alone album composed, arranged and recorded as an independent work. It will be released before the game and introduce you to the world and themes of Golem.

In order to fund Echoes I need your help. An album of this type is more complicated and expensive than a traditional game soundtrack, and pulling it off will require more time, more musicians and engineering support, and more sophisticated mastering and editing. This project can only happen with your support!

We have already received $26,764 out of our goal of $45,000, but if you don’t know anything about Kickstarter, the project won’t fund unless our funding goal of $45,000 is met.  So your support is greatly needed!

In exchange, we are offering several exclusive backer rewards. Of course, everyone that backs the album will receive the digital version in high-quality audio format. But for those that back at a higher level, there are CDs, shirts, vinyl albums, and more. These exclusive items will not be available for purchase; this campaign is the only way to get them. There will even be a limited number of signed copies available!

Echoes of the First Dreamer Kickstarter Backing Options

I really appreciate all your support since I launched Marty O’Donnell Music almost two years ago. I’m happy that I can offer you a chance to participate in the creation of new music!

So, please visit to check out the exclusive backer rewardsand pledge today!  We are over half way to our goal in just over half our timeline, and I need your support to keep the momentum going!  Order/Pledge here