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Support My Musical Prequel!

Echoes of the First Dreamer by Marty O'Donnell - Golem PrequelI am excited to announce “Echoes of the First Dreamer“; the musical prequel to Golem. It’s not the soundtrack to the game, it’s a stand-alone album composed, arranged and recorded as an independent work. It will be released before the game and introduce you to the world and themes of Golem.

In order to fund Echoes I need your help. An album of this type is more complicated and expensive than a traditional game soundtrack, and pulling it off will require more time, more musicians and engineering support, and more sophisticated mastering and editing. This project can only happen with your support!

So, please visit to check out the exclusive backer rewards and pledge today!

I really appreciate all your support since I launched Marty O’Donnell Music almost two years ago. I’m happy that I can offer you a chance to participate in the creation of new music!

Not By Words Alone,

IGN Series: Golem Gameplay Revealed

As part of their month-long series on Highwire and our first virtual reality game, Golem, IGN released some of Golem’s raw gameplay video with voice-over analysis.

IGN’s Month-Long Series on Highwire Games Starts Now!

IGN is starting a month long series on Highwire Games culminating with a video interview of yours truly! The first article has in-depth background on our team and lots of great insight into what we are doing with Golem, our first VR Game:

A promising vision of the future of VR gaming for hardcore gamers hides in a small, quaint, quiet studio in Old Seattle – a 3.5” floppy disk’s throw from where Seattle’s best professional athletes now compete at neighboring CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field. Walk into Highwire Games’ third-floor office and everything seems unassuming at first sight. Nine veteran game developers – and it’s their almost endless, AAA game-laced resumes that are key to the challenge they’re trying to overcome – all work quietly. Only the sound of seagulls circling outside or, more oddly, the occasional marching band storming by on the street breaks up the quiet, focused work going on here.

But the silence feels more like confidence. Strewn about are reminders of the team’s past…

Read the full article on »

Interview: Trying to Crack VR’s Trickiest Problems

IMG_8561_edited.0Ben Kuchera interviewed us over at Highwire Games for a article titled, “A Seattle Supergroup of Developers is Trying to Crack VR’s Trickiest Problems“. is a website who’s mission is to cover not only games but the artists who make them, the fans that love them and the culture surrounding them.  You can read the article here.


2013 Destiny Concert Footage & Interview


Q&A Session on Reddit


I have a little Question & Answer thread going on over at  Lots of great questions and information to be gleaned.  Check it out here.

Don’t Let Them Take Your Creativity Away!

Staying Creative

I’ve decided to release a recording one of my highly sought after, ever-changing, ever-evolving, keynote speeches. This is a version which I gave at the Nordic Game Conference in Sweden a few months ago on some methods I use to keep myself and my teams creative.

I start by talking about “Creatives” vs “Exploiters” and my first realization of my young self at the incubation of my career, when felt I was being asked to “prostitute my art”.  After giving more information on my background, I share three simple rules I developed as principals which I live by and which I believe will help more Creatives find success. Then I share another three rules, followed by 5 more rules. Then a whole section (which was alluded to in a question in a previous email) about the importance of taking care of the Goose VS the Golden Egg. At the end, I share actual sections from “Music of the Spheres”.

The video contains an hour of some of my favorite stories, most powerful lessons learned, and theories I’ve developed from my many years of experience in the music and game industry.  

marty odonnell staying creative keynote speech
Watch my Staying Creative Keynote Speech

Enjoy and watch this wealth of information as my gift to your potential success!

DIY Interview: What’s the Future of Video Game Soundtracks?

DIY Interview:

What’s the Future of Video Game Soundtracks?

DIY magazine and asked me seven questions:

  1. What does it take to be audio director at one of the biggest and most successful game studios in the world?
  2. What goes into creating that signature sound of Halo?
  3. Being responsible for as much as you were, how do you respond when things go wrong?
  4. What was it like working with the actual Paul McCartney on Destiny?
  5. Do you keep in contact with Paul McCartney?
  6. What do you think about huge figures, like Paul McCartney, moving in to work on video games?
  7. Where do you see music in games going from here?

Read the answers in the full article on

Highwire Announces Sony Playstation VR Game

My new company, Highwire Games, has just announced at the PlayStation Experience 15 conference in San Francisco that we are developing a virtual reality game for Sony Play Station! 

Sony has asked us to keep very tight lipped on the development until now.  
Here’s the first of many trailers to come:

I’ve answered a bunch of questions for my newsletter subscribers. Join my newsletter and you’ll be able to view most of the past newsletters and keep up to date with more big news to come.

I’ve also answered questions on this Twitter thread.  And you can find even more information on (lots of new info just added) and the Highwire Reddit page.

Boston Crusaders

Big news! I’m going to be working with the Boston Crusaders (Drum & Bugle Corps) in 2016!

My old (really old) friend Tim Salzman is working with the Crusaders and he recently asked me to join him on a project. I met the rest of the amazingly talented creative team at Tim’s house here in Seattle and joined them for dinner; they didn’t kick me out and the rest will soon be history!

My position at this point is a bit of a secret, but my goal is to learn a lot, get up to speed, then try to help out to the best of my ability without being a hindrance. For the record, at some point in my life I have played both a drum and a bugle.

Seriously, I’ll be involved with the creative team on the music/audio side of things and I will likely travel a couple times to the east coast, but most of my collaboration will be remote via the internet tubes.

Through a reckless sense of adventure, I’m really excited to bring my experience and creativity to a project that’s completely uncharted territory for me.  The Boston Crusader Drum & Bugle Corps are an amazing group and I’m honored to join the team!

– Marty

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